Books by Beth


Books by Beth

Beth Wieting has written several books on BD subjects. Order from:

Beth Wieting
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Biodynamiuc Gardening $15
Where is the Being Devine? $15
Nature Spirits: How Can We Help Them? $17
Prices include mailing cost. Group prices are available for study meetings.

Where Is The Being Divine? – Table of Contents

  • The Transition from the Old to the New Mysteries
  • Table of Contents
  • Preface
  • Prologue
  • Part 1 Chapter 1 A Being of Soul and Spirit
  • Chapter 2 The Tenth Hierarchy
  • Chapter 3 The New Mysteries: Where is the Being Divine?
  • Part 2 Chapter 1 Human Evolution: Directions of Development
  • Chapter 2 A Survey of Stages of Evolution
  • Part 3 Chapter 1 A Possible Background for Study What is the Relationship of Man to the Cosmos and to the World Today?
  • Chapter 2 Thinking in Accord with Reality: What is behind a Concept? Center/Periphery
  • Chapter 3 The Mineral World and the Human Being
  • Chapter 4 The Human Etheric/ The Plant Etheric
  • Part 4 Chapter 1 Today: the Core of Our Being, the “I”
  • Chapter 2 The New Mysteries: the Christ
  • Chapter 3 Cosmic Freedom
  • Chapter 4 Eurythmy and the Universal Human: Overcoming the Universal Mineral
  • Appendix I Examples of Rudolf Steiner’s Relationship to People
  • Appendix II Human Freedom
  • Appendix Ill Indications on Eurythmy
  • Appendix IV Changes in the Cosmos?

Biodynamic Gardening – Table of Contents

  • Preface: A list of the basic things one needs to know in order to begin
  • Chapter 1: The Environment Today
  • Chapter 2: Soil Preparation
  • Chapter 3: Biodynamic Barrel Compost – a possibility for a new garden
  • Chapter 4: The Biodynamic Compost Preparations
  • Chapter 5: Building a Biodynamic Compost Pile
  • Chapter 6: The Biodynamic Spray Preparations 500 and 501
  • Chapter 7: The Use of a Moon Planting Calendar
  • Chapter 8: Lawns, Other Properties, Woodlots
  • Chapter 9: Butterflies, Birds, and Bees
  • Chapter 10: Nature Spirits – Elemental Beings
  • Chapter 11: Weather, and the Cycle of the Year
  • Chapter 12: Children and Gardening
  • Appendix: The Importance of Biodynamic Food with respect to Cancer?

Opinons expressed are those of the author and not necessarily those of the Oregon Biodynamic Group.