Companion Plants
Vegetable Likes Dislikes
Anise Coriander Basil; Rue
Aparagus Tomato; parsley; basil  
Beans Potato; cucumber; corn; strawberry; celery; summer savory Onion; garlic; gladiolus
Beets Onion; kohlrabi Beans
Cabbage Family Aromatic herbs; potato; celery; dill; chamomile; beets; onion Strawberry; tomato; beans; mustards
Carrots Peas; lettuce; chives; onions; leeks; rosemary; sage; tomato Dill
Celery Leek; tomato; beans; cauliflower; cabbage  
Chives Carrots Peas; beans
Corn Potato; peas; beans; cucumbers; pumpkin; squash  
Cucumbers Beans; corn; peas; radish; sunflowers Potato; aromatic herbs
Eggplant Beans  
Leek Onions; celery; carrots  
Lettuce Carrots; radish; strawberry; cucumber  
Mint   Chamomile
Nettle Increases oil content of herbs.  
Onion and garlic Beets; strawberry; tomato; lettuce; summer savory; chamomile; roses Peas; beans
Parsley Tomato; asparagus; roses  
Peas Carrots; turnips; radish; cucumber; corn; beans; most others Onions; garlic; gladiolus; potato
Potato Beans; corn; cabbage; horseradish; marigold; eggplant Pumpkin; squash; cucumber; sunflower; tomato; raspberry
Pumpkin Corn Potato
Radish Peas; nasturtium; lettuce; cucumber Potato
Sage Rosemary  
Soybean Everything  
Spinach Strawberries  
Squash Nasturtium; Corn  
Strawberries Beans; spinach; borage; lettuce Cabbage
Sunflower Cucumber Potato
Tomato Chives; onion; parsley; asparagus; marigold; nasturtium; carrot Kohlrabi; potato; fennel; cabbage
Turnip Peas

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