Fellowship of Preparation Makers

The mission of the Fellowship of Preparation Makers

is to ensure that good quality biodynamic preparations are available now and into the future throughout North America.

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The Fellowship of Preparation Makers (previously called the Future of the Preparations) is an informal, vital, and growing group that has emerged in the cultural/spiritual sphere of biodynamic agriculture. The Fellowship began its work with a conference in Copake, New York in 2002, and has held annual conferences in various locations around North America for the last sixteen years. These conferences have focused on the intensive study and discussion of the biodynamic preparations and have strengthened the preparation making community.

A guiding principle for the group’s work derives from Rudolf Steiner’s suggestion that we attempt to 1) discern what of a positive nature is already arising and developing in the world, and then 2) seek to intelligently support its organic developmental process, the way a farmer or gardener supports a living plant. It is in this spirit that the FOPM seeks to fulfill its mission.