Prep Making In Pictures

Thanks to the BD cows for their contribution! Cow manure is the first ingredient in making 500 -- the horn manure preparation.
Next step -- stuffing manure into the cow horns. It takes a lot of pushing to get the horn full all the way to the tip.
A bunch of prep 500 horns ready to bury.
Placing the horns in the ground. Open end downward to prevent them from filling with rain water. Point of horn angled upward if possible. These horns will be left in the soil over the winter.
Digging up a preparation 501 horn from last spring. This preparation is finely ground quartz stuffed into a horn and buried over the summer.
The yarrow-filled bladder for prep 502 has gone through the summer hanging in the light and air. Now it is ready to be buried over the winter. This bladder had some holes so it couldn't be packed as tightly as one would like. Note the empty space at the top. Usually they are stuffed completely full -- it seems to make a difference in the finished prep.
Chamomile blossoms ready to make preparation 503. These will be moistened slightly with chamomile tea so that they don't perforate the intestine during stuffing.
Making the chamomile sausages for 503. This is one operation that smells good!
Preparing the intestines to make chamomile sausages.
What a pretty sausage!
Time to dig the hole.
The delicate preps are placed in clay pots. Otherwise it is difficult to locate the finished prep after it has decomposed in the soil for a season. And it prevents animals from digging it up.
Burying is similar for all the preps. This shows a clay pot set on its side. Inside are the delicate preps, chamomile sausages in this case. The marker rod helps to make the hole so we can find it next spring. We also measure off the hole's location against some nearby landmarks. We learned the hard way after a few preps got lost -- be
VERY sure you can locate the hole again.
The mesentery membrane needs to be cleaned before making preparation 506.
Here is a closeup view of the mesentery. We try to remove the fat leaving the membrane -- and remembering which side is the inside because that's where we put the herb.
Finally the membrane is clean and ready.
Dandelion blossoms were collected back in the spring.
Now we are ready to wrap the blossoms in the membrane.
Wrapping up the blossoms.
Finished 506 packages.
Mixing a batch of Barrel Compost (BC). We use about 50% chopped nettles mixed with cow manure, some egg shell and ballast dust. The whole mixture is turned for an hour to potentize. Then it is put into a wooden box set in the ground and treated to all the compost preps. We will use it next spring.
A number of the finished compost preps, after we have dug them up.
Distributing the finished compost preps to group members.
The final result -- biodynamic food available to customers.
Stuffing horns for 500 -- the horn manure preparation.
More stuffing manure into the cow horns.
Stuffing sausages for the chamomile preparation.
Check out these sausages!
Cleaning skulls for the oak bark preparation.
Cleaning mesentary for dandelion preparation.