Insect Predators
Predator Prey
General Predators and Parasites
syrphidSyrphid flies (Syrphidae family) Prey upon aphids, leafhoppers, and mealybugs.
predmitePredatory mites (Phytoseiidae family) Prey on all types of mites.
lacewingLacewings (Chrysopidae family) Prey upon aphids; mealybugs; scale; whiteflies; mites; other lacewings; and the eggs of mites; thrips; and other insects.
chalcidChalcid wasps (Chalcidoidea superfamily) Parasites of aphids; scale; whiteflies; (Chalcidoidea) and mealybugs.
Spiders (Arachnida order) Prey on anything that gets stuck in their webs.
tachnidTachinid flies (Tachinidae family) Parasites of many grasshoppers; beetles; sawflies; caterpillars; and true bugs.
Trichogrammatidae family Parasites of the eggs of moths and butterflies.
Bee flies (Bombyliidae family) Predators of locust eggs; parasites of the larvae of flies; wasps; bees; beetles; and ants.
Praying mantids (Manteodea family) Eats any insect it catches; including beneficial ones.
rovebeetleRove beetle (Staphylinidae family) Aphid; springtail; nematode; flies; some are parasitic on cabbage-root maggot
Dragonflies (Odnata order) Eat small fly including midges and mosquitoes.
carabidaeSoldier beetles (Cantharidae family) Feed on cutworms; gypsy moth larvae; snails; and slugs
bigeyedbugBigeyed Bugs(Geocoris spp. of Lygaeid Family)(lines represent actual size) Many insects; including other bugs; flea beetles; spider mites; insect eggs and small caterpillars. Will also eat seeds.
minutepirateMinute Pirate Bug(Anthocorid Family; Orius spp.)(line represents actual size) Thrips; spider mite; leafhopper; corn earworm; small caterpillars; many other insects
Snakeflies (Raphidiidae and Inocelliidae families) Eat small and weak insects
Other general predators include ichneumonids; assassin bugs; collops beetles; damsel bugs; earwigs (the endemic earwig; not the European earwig; which eats our young seedlings) ants; lygus bugs; anthicid beetles.
Species-specific Predators
ladybeetlesLadybird beetles or ladybugs (Coccinellidae family)Hippodamia convergens Eats aphids; mealybug and scale.
braconidBraconid wasps (Braconidae family)Apanteles sp. Parasitizes caterpillars. Some parasitize aphids.
Fly Parasites (Pteronalids family)Tachinaephagus zealandicus; Muscicifurax raptor" Parasitizes fly larvae and pupae.
Thick-headed flies (Conopidae family) Parasites of bees and ants.
Marsh flies Predators and parasites of slugs and snails.
Mealybug predator (Coccinellidae family) Cryptolaemus montnouzieri Eats mealybugs above ground.
Whitefly predator (Aphelinidae family) Encarsia formosa Parasitizes whitefly pupae.
Black scale parasite (Encyrtidae family) Metaphycus helvolus Parasites of adult black scale.
Cottony cushion scale parasite (Cryptochaetidae family) Cryptocheta iceryae Parasitizes cottony cushion scale.
Grain moth parasite (Ptermalidae family) Habrocytus sp. Larval parasites of the grain moth.

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