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About Ordering Preps

BD preparations are made and distributed as a service to local members. Those who have participated in the prep-making meetings are entitled to a discounted price. We also provide free preps (except for shipping) to Waldorf schools. If you are entitled to one of these discounts, contact the Prepmaster below for a coupon code. Enter the code during checkout and you will receive the discounted price. View the guidelines for discount eligibility here.

We offer two types of barrel compost. To understand the differences, see here.

We ship thorough regular USPS mail. Usually we ship within 1-2 days, however we may hold shipping during unfavorable astrological events.

*Our payment system is currently under construction, so please email or call our Prepmaster to order the Biodynamic Preparations~ details below

Payment is through the Dwolla payment network – a secure method developed especially for non-profits. Why Dwolla? Dwolla transfers money from your bank – using the same code numbers that are on your personal check. (Note: it must be a US bank.) When you pay with Dwolla, you are basically making an electronic check. None of your personal information is shared with anyone. Ever. No credit or debit cards are used, which keeps fees low. There are a lot of steps to initiate a new Dwolla account. If you have a problem, see Dwolla info.

If you don’t want to share your check information, you may order by mail from the Prepmaster below. You can download an order form here.

To order preps by mail, contact
Adam McKinley
12390 Sunnyview Rd NE
Salem, OR 97317
971-208-3909  / adamdenali@gmail.com

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